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14 January 2010

back to my teen self!

i'm back to normality now. i love these precious quiet moments after the tempest, reconciling my identity with the fullness of the present. i could go on writing for days, but it's extenuating, especially if you heal a pain through it. like i said, it's out of me now, time to move ahead.

i watched something that made me reflect last night, 'questo piccolo grande amore' (this little big love of mine), the movie adaptation of the song whom claudio baglioni made it big time with in the 70's. claudio is an italian musician who tries to reinvent himself all the time to catch more audience. i don't like his music, though i've to admit that i appreciate his lyrics, even if they're a bit too romantic for me.

the movie was not too bad in itself, some of the performances were really nice and i liked the costumes, but i laughed at some scenes. those 2 teens who fall in love and struggle with the pain of jealousy and then break up of their romance were so far away from my world. then i realized their feelings were true, it was me who learned to sort them out and how to handle them. those characters still had to refine their skill to fully master their emotions. therefore they were real!

what kind of adult have i become if i doubted about the pulses of adolescent love? how could i forget that there was anger, worry, hurt, anxiety, jealousy and frustration, but also happiness, joy, euphoria, thrills and that those can oscillate within the same day? my egocentric little world view made me feel as if a broken romance will hurt forever too.

i wonder what kind of teenager will alice be. will i have to hear her complaining that no one will never love her again and that she'll be lonley for the rest of her life after a broken romance? i'll stand by her through love's ups and downs by helping her label emotions and find ways to cope with all of the complex feelings that make us human. it's going to be hard, but challenging too. and i'm confident we can make it together. go alice, go!

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