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08 January 2010

funny 2009 facts

thornley, uk: a desperate housewife, tired of calling assistance for repairing her new washing machines, locked the technician in her bathroom

prato, italy: local priest condemned to pay 1.036 euros because the bells of his church were disturbing people at nights

london, uk: all crew of the south african airways flight from johannesburg to lond was arrested because guilty of possessing 50kg cannabis and 4 kg cocaine

las vegas, usa: 2 floridian priests found guilty of gambling their donations money in the casinos together with the cleaning woman, lover of one of the two

kuala lumpur, malaysia: a judge refused to charge one of the twins guilty of drugs traffic. he didn't want to risk to condemn an innocent

viterbo, italy: condemned to serve 5 months in home punishment, a man preferred going to jail because he wanted to stay away from his wife

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