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08 January 2010

summing up the decade

from ground zero to worldwide economy, here is what we cannot forget about the decade which is about to end.

2000: palestine and israel conflicts start
2001: twins towers are attacked
2002: talebans fall in afghanistan, but the fight to terrorism still continues
2003: gulf war kicks off
2004: tsunami devastates indonesia and south east asia
2005: pope wojtyla dies
2006: civil war ends in congo after 10 years.  more than 4 million deads.
2007: 2 million refugees are exposed to violence and rape in darfur
2008: the beginning of worldwide crisis
2009: barack obama is the 44th president of the united states of america

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  1. No, we should not forget and we should not behave like stuff like that has nothing to do with us.


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