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14 January 2010

aromatic black art

one of my first posts of december was about the difficulty to get a cappuccino in a cafe here. if you're new to the city, you don't know that you've to ask for a cappuccino grande to get it, otherwise you'll be served an espresso with a dash of frothed milk in a miniature cup.

not being much of a coffee drinker, i thought this was quite weird. i didn't know it's a peculiarity, not a difference, and that what makes trieste so special is the great variety of coffees served here. have a look at this poster, it sums them all!

(image taken from the famous 'caffè degli specchi' website)

there are lots of special triestine coffees. for example, a gocciato (droplet) which is like the international cappuccino, only with less milk. the lungo gocciato, the nero and the capo in B. this last one is a tiny glass mug of macchiato-style coffee. it's designed to warm hands when the bora wind sweeps in from russia. the b stands for bicchiere (glass).

so i don't like caffeine but i'm a seriosuly tea lover and when it comes to making tea, I've been a serial gadgeteer. there are days when i seriously drink obscene quantities of tea. there's no tea room in trieste, unfortunately. shall i open one? LOL 

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