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12 June 2012

Hasta La Victoria!

And so we made it, Ali and I. We arrived at the end of all our chores and are about to enjoy our deserved holiday in London. It'll be a fortnight, just me and her, and it'll be memorable, no matter how many rain showers are forecasted for the next 10 days. Because London isn't London without rain. Groucho Marx left when the waether was too good. He hated London when it wasn't raining. It must mean something. 
I'm tired but happy. I spent the last few days preparing a strict itinerary of all the things I want to see, trying to concentrate all the new areas I miss, the things that were erected whilst I was away with my daughter's needs. She has quite a lot now. We had so much fun studying the various possibilities together. I just long for this awaited getaway, not long now, only 12 hours left and tomorrow night I'll be checking my emails from Lisa's house. 

Many things happened in the meanwhile. Alice concluded her second grade with flying colors. It was a milestones year for her, learning the multiple tables, perfectioning her reading skills and, mainly, writing using her handwriting. I'm proud of this pretty little soul who tries her best and is succesfull in everything she does. 

The last 6 months were pretty intense for me too. The photo course I attended completely absorbed me. All my efforts were rewarded, though, since I ended up being the best student, with my Portfolio winning first place out of 37 others during the final competition. It's incredibly flattering and motivating. I was so emotional over it that I don't remember much about those minutes of fame. It's the first time since adolescence years that I don't get such a public ovation, so it made its effect. 

Here i am with my group and my instructors. Thank you, guys, for sharing such a honor with me. I'm just feeling ... ecstatic beyond words!

I now have full credits to take the beauty out of things. Not that I needed a Diploma for that, but I'm entitled to create my own site, which I'll launch soon. And as soon as I create it, I'll link it to this blog. I'll have to update my Flickr account too, since I left it untouched for ages now. And, most of all, I have to think about a nice signature for my photos. 

Time to think about it, I want to relax in London now. Needless to say, I've a detailed list of things to capture. It's so nice to look behind and see I'm going somewhere with my dreams. 

I may be absent from this blog, due to all the new and exciting things that keep me distracted, but I'll be back to regular posting soon, and with a renovated energy. Let me go and explore more London now. The rest is up to history. My history, the one I'm sharing here with you!

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