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03 May 2012

Crazy Riders

It seems that Spring is finally back, after so many weeks of chilly and rainy weather. Time to take our bikes out from their dust in the basement and ride in the sun in pretty landscapes, admiring this pulsating nature. 

There's the Treasure of the Umag Riviera trail in Croatia that looks pretty surreal. It's like cycling in an open air museum, with all those enchanting pieces of landscapes that look like paintings. It should be interesting to capture them at dust and sunset, so to have a collection of vibrating colors from the same place. So far, I enjoyed them on a perfect cloudy May 1 afternoon. Look how stunning some views are!

The light of the day wasn't impossible, actually those clouds made the atmosphere more dramatic. Too bad I couldn't take my reflex with me but I'll definitely go again, I don't want to miss anything about this lovely corner of the earth, Istria. Recently the route of the former railroad Parenzana has been turned into a real attraction for hikers and bycicle riders. We will be busy enough to ride on its trails for the whole summer.

So I'll keep you posted about my next riding adventures. And happy cycling to the ones of you who share my same passion!

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