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29 April 2012

Cultural Afternoon

Hey! I haven't disappeared, I've actually got at least a dozen drafts ready to be published, but for some reason I can't manage to create coherence for any of them. Too much creativity and distraction, too many ideas and very limited time to sit down and write. Before the situation turns into a serious writer's block, let me blog about the beautiful afternoon Ali and I had last Monday. 

With all her chores and social life, having her all for myself is more like a treat these days. I want to hope I won't have to book an appointment later when she turns into a busy teen LOL She also wants to know what we'll do and where we'll go now. Long were the days when it was just me to decide, whereas today it's all about objecting, inquiring and sometimes giving generous okays. Welcome to the life of a liberal parent!

Fortunately she loves art, so she had no objections when I proposed to view an exhibition. There's this Disclosed Horizon one on at the Salone degli Incanti here in Trieste until May that I wanted to see, partly because of my passion for everything Slovene (and the exhibition is a collections of paintings of various Slovenian artists who were active in the first half of the 20th century) and also because I try not to miss anything about this city's cultural life.

With my great pleasure, Alice appreciated the paintings a lot and even left an enthusiast comment on their Guestbook, with that handwriting that is getting more and more like her as months go by. 

These artists (Milko Bambič, Jože Cesar, Avgust Černigoj, Bogdan Grom, Robert Hlavaty, Avrelij Lukežič, Lojze Spacal and Rudolf Saksida) were influenced by post-impressionists, folk arts and symbolism and they continued to work with a certain degree of impressionism. It was nice to get to know how constructivism, futurism and surrealism were prevalent in their artsy paths and the way they developped their artistic expression under the influence of the European-wide avant-garde movement.

The focus of the exhibition is the close contacts these artists had with Italian artists, thus the title that generates it all. Disclosed Horizons, just like mine since I moved here to Trieste, borderline of these two diverse cultures. I feel lucky!

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