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26 May 2012

Belle of the Ball

Great day ahead: my lil princess is all set for her ballet show. She's used to the stage, this isn't her first performance, but it's her first debut in classical ballet tonight indeed, thus she's pretty excited and a bit scared too. 

Any filming or shooting it's strictly prohibited inside the theater, so I snapped a few shots this morning on our way to the final reharsal to have some decent memory. I don't expect anything good out of the photographer,  and I'm pissed off about this rule he imposed, if you ask me. As long as you don't use your flash and don't go near the stage to take photos, why not allowing people if they want to?

This ballet show concludes a magical year. Princess Ali matured a lot with classical ballet helping her on the way. There're many benefits I notice, from physical strength, agility and strong concentration skills to a sense of pride and accomplishment which improved her self-esteem. As she began to improve, she gained a new sense of self-confidence which are helpful in other areas of her life. Watching my daughter slowly transform into a lovely, beautiful, wise little lady is very rewarding.

Looking forward to enjoying the show then tonight. I love you, Alice, I love you so! Good luck, baby!

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