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14 April 2012

Spring, interrupted

I was in a state of catatonic torpor all week. I haven't stepped out once since we got back home on Monday, with the exception of a massive grocery shopping spree to stock up essentials and not being bothered anymore. I made the most of Alfie being off work. Being together during the day is such a rare event since he started with his new job. I loved being spoilt with a rich breakfast after he took Ali to school and jogged, then annoy him all day asking him the things he normally should do when he's here :) I felt at ease. Sometimes leaving the whole world outside is necessary. I also needed to regain my energies after wasting them so much at in-laws ha ha Naughty me. 

We tried to detox from all the cakes and extra food of Easter. Life has a whole new perspective with a flat stomach after a light supper. Who needs to go mundane when you've got all you need at home, new toys included?

Cold weather didn't inspire me to go out neither. The early debut of Spring we had is abruptly over, with drops of November temperature like. The green we are blessed to see from our balconies and windows looks so surreal, like that vivid, unexpected green of British country that always makes you wonder when you'll step out of the portrait. Luscious green like a punch in the eye with all that gray around. Radiant green as a sign of premonition, that Spring is still there, screaming to be liberated.

All this green also gives me hope that maybe things will finally change in this rotten, corrupted Italy of mine. Use of illicit funds scandal has involved one of the useless still major parties here, Lega Nord. Not too bad for a party whose ideology is based over a separation from dishonest Southerners due to notorious Northern transparence. The scandal led to resignation of his historic leader Umberto Bossi and his moronic retard  favorite son Renzo. I'm too happy to even wonder how such people governed us for so long. That would mean meditation and I'm not in the mood for it.

Maybe my daghter will live in a different Italy, saner and more coherent. If things truly change maybe we can even abandon the idea to be permanent expatriates in the future. Everything is possible and it's what I want to believe in today. Whilst waiting for a better climate, like a typical Italian obsessed with weather. Because, okay, I confess it, I wondered wether Ali should wear a hat yesterday. Despite all my endeavors, this is something I still have to learn to control. And in case the above mentioned articles made you curious, I 'only' have 7 umbrellas at home!)


  1. 7 umbrellas O: ...

    Pd: that window image is very nice!

    1. I know, Felipe, but look, I'm italian rotten! lol
      Thanks. It's the colors that make it special, right? :)

  2. Yes! .. looks like a cloudy sunday in the morning, beautiful!


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