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14 April 2012

Man of the Year

One of the movies I watched this week was Les Intouchables and I adored it. I love French cinema in general, I find it so innovative in plots, brilliant in style and with a great humour as a base that never exceeds. Accidentally, this is the film that sold more in the last years and whose actor, Omar Sy, won Les Cesars as Best Performing Actor.

There must be a reason if they let The Artist star and Big Oscar Winner Jean Dujardin out at the 37th annual César ceremony in Paris. Omar was preferred and with every reason. His acting in this film was extremely portentous, plus he's funny and talented (and, hell, extremely sexy.) He has a new fan now :)

via mymovies

The Award is the highest honor in France, the equivalent of American Oscars. Plus, Omar made history, as he was the first black actor to win it since the ceremony debuted back in 1976.

Now, seriously, this guy rocks. Watch by yourself in the speech he gave. He's so alive and charmant! :)

I highly recommend Les Intouchables. Behind Omar's sensational acting there's a great plot (based on a true story, by the way), which will lead you to explore unwanted zones of illness and friendship. Then come here and share your opinions with me. I'll be glad.

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