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28 March 2012


It looks like a kiss between mom and baby but it isn't. It's pre chewed feeding. I had no idea premastication was common around the world. Thanks to Alicia Silverstone I know now. I googled it and seems like there're more pros than cons in it. But well, I can't even imagine all the bacteria spread through saliva and, more precisely, my daughter attacking me like a little vampire every time I eat.

What's wrong with regular feeding? I don't know, I'm more worried for the psychological consequences implied than for the practice itself. What kind of an adult will this pre chewed baby be? Please help me understand this right because I'm open minded and liberal enough but this photo puzzled me this morning!


  1. This reminds me of a mother bird feeding its young... though not in "awww, isn't that cute" kind of way.

    1. Gosh, Melody, so what was her spirit?

  2. There's no more psychological damage in pre masticating than there is if you you were a formula vs. Breastfead baby. I did some research on this, it seems the pros outweigh the cons especially in her case. The main dangers are passing hiv and dental diseases, I have to believe that a mom as health conscious as Alicia wouldn't do this if she had hiv and with her money I'm sure she has a clean mouth. I'm not sure if I would do this but to each their own. I know some moms think breast feeding is "gross" and unnecessary in today's advanced society.

  3. What left me stupefied is the unnaturaless of it all. I find it deviating and to me there's no comparison to breastfeeding at all. Then, of course, to each their own. But many doctors expressed their concerns about this practice. It's not about having a mouth clean only. Welcome to this blog of mine, by the way! Keep visiting! :)


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