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19 March 2012

The Day of No Feast

I wonder if you feel guilty for not giving me those moments that each of us carries indelibly. I wonder if you know that time passed and will not return. And that to me today is a day like another, while I'm rounded by people who buy cards, phone, write or just embrace to celebrate.

There's nothing to be grateful for, and you know that. No sacrifice, love, affection, concern, honesty, humility, honor. I know that you know. That's why I wonder how you can keep up with life still.

We're given the possibility to make mistakes and repair. Each mistake should teach us something on the way. You never learned anything, so life for you became a terrible consequence of your destructive choices. 

I've ben told you spend your days stuck at home in front of TV now. At least you're not harmful to anyone in any case anymore. People get what they seed, and this is what you'll never accept. That's why I doubt you ever wonder at all.

The moment I never had, via dudemeetsdad


  1. I am sure she does but is unable to fully understand and unwilling to do anything about it :( I wish I could do more than give you cyber {{{}}}}}

  2. He does, you mean? :) Thanks for the hug anyway.


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