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19 March 2012

Colors of the World

The event I missed last year in Rome, the fascinating photographic journey through the colors that tell about life on Earth, is something I'll regret for the rest of my life. 

Four colors in one exhibition to describe the contrasts between the present and the future of the world, the strength and the weakness of nature and animals, as well as humility, pride, pain and happiness of human beings.
Color of earth,  heart, blood, passion.

Color of today and tomorrow, green of hope. And the color of nature, vegetation, existence itself.

The pristine places affected by global warming, animals at risk for survival, innocence, purity.  

Color of the water and sky, the seas and its "inhabitants" of joy and peace to exist.

All this illustrated by terrific shots of the greatest photographers who work and collaborate with international and national magazines.

See? These are the only moments when I complain about living in the East of Northern Italy. The fact taht Trieste is so far and badly connected to the rest of Italy is both a limit and a privilege. Dammit!

All pics taken from the National Geographic.

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