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04 January 2012

My slow return

And so, yeah, I haven't blogged much lately, I actually haven't penned off a serious post since December 13. Mentally I'm there, though, making notes to blog about and sometimes even sitting and starting and putting down something that never materializes. When it's like that, I let it flow, no pressure is necessary because I know that I'm alert even when I'm not writing. I'm just storing things. No needs to worry.

My archive is full of attempts at the minute and still I decided to come on line on the worst night ever, since I'm affected by this nasty stomach flu that devastated my two babies at home (both husband and daughter, if you're new to reading me) and started anew on me. That's Elda, that's me. Take me or leave me, thank you.

We managed to have an exciting and fresh Christmas, at least. We usually spend it abroad, me and my little beautiful family on the road, trying to be united despite all the odds that surrounds us. This December was the same. We hit Salzburg, which hosts a beautiful Market full of atmosphere, people, warm drinks and lights. 

And the city, oh the city in itself is glorious. I love Austria, it's a pretty charming country that once ruled Europe and that kept it liberal, cosmopolitan and assured rights for everyone. It was very cold but, well, warm clothes can do wonders and kept us walking around all the time :)

It was a nice way to end the old year. Who cares if then the new one debuted savagely and pissed us off. Important is to keep going and have less expectations. It'll eventually get better, I'm confident. Like I'll blog more and like life goes on. Happy 2012!

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