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05 January 2012

And so this is Christmas

One of the things I love about this area is that it gets beautiful at Christmas and that its lights aren't fake and artificial like in my native region. The city center is beautifully decorated, it hosts a number of kiosks that don't form a typical Christmas Market, but that adds a special aura to the Advent. 

I'm a market person, I love browsing here and there, smelling antiques and testing local food, buying occasional bargains and chatting with producers. Or, simply, people watching. You gotta love markets and their organized chaos, otherwise you don't appreciate the living experience you can get. You simply don't notice colors and beauty, because it's hidden. 

Christmas Markets are special then because they are genuine, yearly and merely there for the eyes and your nose. You don't go to a Christmas market to actually buy something, you attend to enjoy, to entertain yourself and hopefully to rediscover the magic of the season. 

A place like this is Ljubljana. I couldn't resist, I went twice this year, once with my family and some friends, the second time around with a friend who shares my same hobby, photography. We went close to capture the true spirit of it all, between chats, lots of warm drinks and some shopping. 

Please enjoy Ljubljana during the Advent then ...  

There were moments when I felt like straight into a fairy tale scenario. Then I looked around and spotted mysterious presences, but it was only the reflex of the decorationson the river. Wow!

"Double the Nikon, double the pleasure" between me and Valentina :)

I'm very looking forward to enjoying more adventures with her in the future. I'm a solitary person, I love to explore on my own, thus I'm so glad I eventually opened up to this beautiful soul. I'm curious to see how our friendship develops in 2012 now. Life was mean to me in terms of affects, but it has its unpredictable ways to please me with these late joys and softnes me a bit. I'm far too skeptical, I'm afraid. Thanks, baby: the world through our united lens united is more exciting! :)

PS: Yes, she's the one I interviewed in August, last year, that brilliant photographer. We became friends!

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  1. Amazing pics bella! And it's great you've found a friend with whom you can share your hobby!


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