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27 October 2011

Who knew?

This diet adventure awoke the chef in me, that had been hidden for too long. I could never had imagined it, life is really too umpredictable! Yesterday I baked the Neapolitan specialty of this period of the year, il Torrone dei morti. My mother-in-law always refused to give me her recipe (her is phenomenal but she's too jealous to share) so I searched for it on the net and found out the one for me. I'm considering to send the woman this pic as a personal revenge. Life goes on even without her. Ahem ...

Chocolate nougat filled with Nutella and hazelnuts

This will go straight to my other blog, so keep an eye on that if you want to give it a try. It's simple yet yummy. You only need to have the patience to let the chocolate cool down once in the mold during the different fillings.

Let me have another slice now. For my diet, you know? :))))

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