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22 October 2011

Saturday treats

Saturdays are gotten to be MY days. I could do things every now and then on my own actually, but Alfie is away 3 days a week now, he enjoys spending quality time with our little princess on weekends, and I leave them bond and do their things, their way, on Saturday mornings.

So while they're out and about, on their special rituals, I'm out and about too. I usually go to a jewel of literary charm and opportunities, Lovat bookstore. It's my favorite one because it's huge and full of chairs and cozy corners where you can read undisturbed for hours and none dares to disturb you. They also have a cafe where they don't get scared at the sight of people approaching book with a latte in their hands. They actually encourage you to keep reading.

Every writer's ambitious corner: where to present their books! :)

Bookstores enhance both the reader and the writer in me and give me peace. I could get lost in there for hours.Then, accidentally, when I remember I'm an intellectual but made of flesh and bones, I head to Erika's, my favorite cafe just around the corner, where they serve the best cappuccinos in town (my humble opinion.)

Hello, there!

Now that I think about it, bookstores are also a great deterrent from eating, it is at least for me. I'm too distracted and busy in there to think about food! :)

Gotta go and get dressed now, we'll head off to the Pumpkin Festival this afternoon, an event I simply adore for its creativity. It's genuine and pure, like every children festival should be. See you tomorrow with a report. Loads xxx

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