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21 October 2011

A chilly day

Waking up from the state of trance a stupid diet confines you to and enjoying the first autumn chilly days at Ljubjliana's Park Tivoli.

Admiring the scenic city places once again. 

Capturing the endless details and finding out the city never this city never ceases to surprise me.

Realizing it's a printed city indeed, a joy for those handwriting freaks out there.  

Enjoying Autumn smells and colors at the local market.

People watching while waiting for a friend.

Having a delicious meal when the friend arrives. Strolling again some and shopping for tea. Then going back home to a beautiful baby who was properly taken care of with an ecstatic look on your face. 

That's life!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful pics, bella, love autumm colours and that city is breathtaking


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