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30 October 2011

Autumn bliss

We spent a beautiful afternoon cycling around today. Being out and about with our bikes is our favorite family activity, especially since Alice is getting better and better and can ride her new mountain bike. There's still a lot she has to learn, but she enjoys the ride and is learning quickly. 

Today we tried a new path, totally different from the beach one and fully immersed in the nature. You should have been there, it was very enjoyable because of all the vivid colors and the smell. I could go there every single day!

The kaki house

People who live in this Slovene area are very lucky. I'm going again soon and will try to take pics with my reflex camera. This corner of the world deserve a professional capture indeed.

We then tried a bit of an urban cycling, trying the new bike paths they built all over the city. And I'm already dreaming of going all together again next weekend. What an impatient soul, huh? :)

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