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14 September 2011

Yes I Can

Today is the day that makes a difference in my will history. Something had already changed when I joined the gym last February. That time it didn't last. Or better, I respected my commitment but I won't go anymore this fall. The gym is not my thing, the experience only confirmed that. Today I did something more concrete instead: I walked the door of the diet center. I finally surrended. I can't get rid of my overweight alone. I need help.

So I asked the receptionists of NaturHouse to book me in for a first check-up with their nutritionists. My goal is to shed 10 kg. More realistically, I will end up achieving 5, maybe 7 kg loss. We'll see. Their program provides weekly monitorings, motivation (which is the most exciting part) and help via homemade products. I only hope not to fool these professionals. YesICanYesICan will be my mantra these next coming months.

According to my personal journey, I'm now in the middle of Phase 4. Because these are the estimated phases I went through so far in my weight loss adventure:

Phase 1. Finding a nutritionist, booking an appointment and taking pics. The funniest and easiest part. Everyone is comprehensive, optimistic and motivating at this stage, me included. Even if, when I asked if I could take a pic of the area, they looked at me like an alien. 

"It's for my blog. I want to document my personal project."
"Yes, I suppose it's okay, isn't it?" said one girl to her colleague, who uncounsciously moved away from my lens without answering. 

I took it for a yes, so I went on and took this.

Maybe photos are not part of the program. They don't know I'll ask to take a pic of me at every weekly appointment :)

Phase 2. Going out and feeling determined, even euphoric about the decision made. Difficult, as all I could see around was people taking it easy, eating and drinking in cafes without problems. 

I felt suddenly relieved to have my appointment booked for next Monday. Still 4 days of freedom to eat what I want. In fact, I had a rich breakfast immediately afterwards :)

Phase 3. Suppressing any remorse feeling and actually looking for motivation and inspiration. I don't eat lots of vegetables and fruits, so I took this pic at veggieland=the local market to remind myself I MUST!

The girls at the reception assured me that the diet plan isn't starving, and that includes lots of veggies. Of course, everybody knows they have lots of benefits, the list is long and clear. They are a good natural skin cosmetic other than having vitamins and streghtening our immune system. I could blame my mom for this, she didn't eat a lot while while she was pregnant with me and I must have been influenced. But enough about excuses now. I need to change my eating habits and soon!

Phase 4. Hoping to loose the weight I need and enjoying the feeling of having done such an important step towards my new me. Ops, I have to go, sorry. The pizza delivery guy just rang the bell. I haven't started my diet yet, so I'm on a free regime for tonight. I told you I'm in the middle of Phase 4 already, didn't I? Gooooooood!


  1. Yes you can! Although I think you don't need to be on a diet ;)

  2. heehh thanks Oli but believe me, I need to shed a lot! I've never been this heavy so far, and I better start doing something about it before entering my 40's. Afterwards, everybody says keeping svelte is more difficult because of hormones! Bah, we women have a tough life, don't we? :)


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