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13 September 2011


It's crazy, I've been sitting here, numb and completely lazy for about 1 hour already, with the intention to storm out blogging, but nothing concrete has come out yet. I just procrastinated on the net looking for trivials. It may be that all my energies are focused on our house renovations. I even considered to download a software that allows you to decorate your house and then see the results in 3D. Or maybe I'm just distracted by the uncountable to do things that are waiting for me in the next couple of days. 

It can't be a writer block. No no, stay away from me, please!

I don't even feel guilty to procrastiante in front of the pc because Alfie is watching soccer. It's usually movies time when we're together. Since he started to travel abroad every week, extensively, I've got 3 fixed nights on my own all for myself after putting Alice to bed. Which I use to write. Not too bad. We writers always crave for solitude. 

In theory I have all mornings for myself too, when Alice is in school, but I don't function properly in the mornings, thus I don't feel inspired enough. It's always been like that with me.

Now, I know that if I insist and keep writing beautiful, entertaining posts maybe some editor will notice me and will propose me to make a book out of this. These things happen, rarely and seldomly, but they do. I also know that my photography passion will take me somewhere meaningful after the course I'll start in January. I just need to improve my technique skills.

Thing is I feel a bit dazed and confused lately. It's like having a lot of passion and energies and not knowing how to chaperon them. It's like the magical piece of puzzle is missing in my life and I can't find it. And ultimately, it's like being in a perpetual stand-by for something that has to happen. Something  unknown.

Do I make sense tonight? Oh well ...

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