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06 September 2011

Be careful what you wish for

School year kicks off next Monday. We got everything ready: notebooks, new backpack, pencils, pens, uniforms. Alice is a second grader now. Wow! Where's my toddler always asking for prosciutto? :) I wish time wouldn't fly like this to start with.

In view of this new beginning, I'm finally sorting bookcases, getting rid of items I don't need and that perpetually hang around. I'm even attempting new decorations in the house. The only thing I don't seem to be concentrated about is dieting. I wish I were firmer in this. Sigh!

I watched "The Social Network" yesterday and liked it. I was really curious to see how the idea of Facebook was created. I love the way the film reports incospicuously that network life has the same importance as real life. And I loved Jesse Eisenberg's acting. I find him natural and perfect for this role. If I had to be a mother again, I'd like to be on a constant mental workout to a son like the character he portrays.

So, yes, I wish I had a second baby. These days it looks like I'm rounded by pregnant ladies in the streets. There's one in the corner everywhere I go. Also, most of the friends I know are expecting and many celebs are announcing too. Is this a conspirancy? If it is, I don't like it. God, I wish I were more flexible!

I wish I had time to visit London again. Actually, I wish I lived in London. I wish I wouldn't be so afraid of flying so that I could jump on a Ryan flight everytime I miss that city so much. London calls constantly. I'm so obsessed that yesterday I checked Eurolines tickets to UK. I wouldn't mind crossing so many countries before arriving (it takes 27 hours via Paris.)

Sick, isn't it? But I'm even considering train. I love travelling by train. I wished I travelled more. And I'm always on the road. But I never get enough.

And to conclude, I wish I weren't this tired, so that I could go on writing. Good night, folks!

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