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18 July 2011


The majesty of Rome

and the glory of Florence

truly speak for themselves!

Editing these collages with my best pics of these fabulous cities gave me the thrill. Our first week away was magical, filled with art, fun, great food and long walks. We're so focused on travelling abroad that sometimes being back to our origins can only make us good.

Both cities were crowded with zillionth of tourists. Yeah, tourists. It must be paradise for them here. Unfortunately, living in Italy is a total different story and though there are lots of things that I appreciate, the majority of them suck. And I'm not talking cliches here. 

It's not a case if young talents leave. One of them is Ivana Bartoletti who relocated to Uk because of a better job there and now is deeply active in politics. The hackneygazette.co.uk tells about her bio and job at the National Health Service.

I'm sure we'll get to know more about her in the future. And in this way we'll have one important person less in this decadent nation leaded by a conservative separatist government and a pervert as PM. And inhabited by people who don't change and have a completely distorted view of reality.

Yeah, because it's not just Berlusconi's fault – sexism is deeply entrenched. Women are disrispected. 150 years of Italian unification this year and we still have a gender gap. I wonder WHEN things will finally change.

Italian Women Protest
"Women are mortified by the female unemployment data, the salaries and the career perspectives, the precarious jobs ... not by the symbolic mercification of their bodies on television. Instead of 'If not now, when?' the slogan should be 'Any other time, but not now." The Guardian
Freedom always comes with a price, okay, but ... haven't we paid too much already?

PS: For a wider knowledge of what we're facing here, please read: Stop blaming Italians for Berlusconi

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