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20 July 2011

Style Watch

I really love it when stars remix their pieces of clothing. It gives you ideas on how to maximize your wardrobe, changing from a sophisticated look to a fun outfit, especially if you're a fashionista on a budget.

Source from People

I always change things up when I travel. Being creative becomes essential then for both practical and financial reasons. I don't favour a capsule wardrobe approach, though, so packing is always a nightmare for me. 

We leave for Scandinavia on Saturday and I'm already working out things I want to wear. Easy in this case: weather forecast is terrible, and there seems not to be summer at all up there. I can easily do with jeans and long sleeved shirts, plus a raincoat. Still ...


  1. ormai quella giacca di Kate Moss cammina da sola ;)

  2. Detto da una fashionista come te, poi! :) Baciiiiii!!!


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