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20 July 2011

Salty day

I visited Sečovlje Saltpans in Slovenia back in November and was fascinated by this area that was declared a landscape park in 1989. I liked it so much that I promised to go again in the summer, when the salt making season begins. And so I promptly did. I didn't want to miss this experience for anything in the world, for the sculptural beauty of the snow-white pyramids neatly placed in the stretching salt-heaps are sheer photogenic geometry. 

For centuries, the salt pans of the North Adriatic Sea had a large impact on the economy in the countries and coastal cities. Salt brought wealth, it expanded and influenced the development of the area.
Next to the fisheries, the preparation of sea salt constitutes one of the leading industries of the Mediterranean coast-lands. The Mediterranean is admirably suited for the production of salt, for its waters have a high temperature, they hold a very large quantity of salt in solution, the rise and fall of the tides are inconsiderable, and flat seashores alternate with steep coasts and promontories. But this industry, too, is frequently carried on in a primitive way, and only in the course of the present century have scientific methods been introduced in connection with.  credits
The most productive salt marshes of the Mediterranean are probably those on the Lagoon, or tang de Thau, near Cette, and on the littoral of Hyères; but consider-able ones may also be met with on the coasts of Spain, in Italy, in Sardinia, Sicily, Istria, and even on the " limans " of Bessarabia, bordering upon the Black Sea. The annual production of salt is estimated at more than a million tons, and exceeds, therefore, the entire tonnage of the commercial marine of France. But this quantity, large as it is, is infinitesimal if we compare it with the saline contents of the sea, and science will enable us one day to raise a far more abundant treasure from its sterile depths. credits
Salt is the sea that could not return to the sky

As I walked along, I was not surprised the bureaucratical machinery saw potential here. Though the place was familiar, I couldn't but notice once again that the high ecological value is stunning. It's a natural wetland and a particularly rich birding area.

I enjoyed my day out there so much that I started to think what I could do to be captured in there. I didn't see so many tourists around, due to the impossible hour (around lunch time), so I couldn't ask for a favour pic. And asking one of the hard workers was out of question. Then I spotted this street mirror and ended up in it.

Painting like!
 Better than nothing, huh? :)

Sources: Salt making in Slovenia, Hike now, Slovenian Sea


  1. Lovely place! Thanks for sharing it :)

  2. Always a pleasure for me, Oli! Thanks for keeping your interest in my blog high hey!


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