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12 July 2011

In a quiet corner of Italy

One of the things I did during my free time from being a mother was visiting the Free Port of Art Exhibition here in Trieste. The theme is contemporary visual art by artists who have an Italian experience in common. Some studied in Italy, others worked here, some even decided to stay for a living.

Their works are hosted in Warehouse 26, the first building that was renewed in the Old Harbour area.

Because of the great interest and artistic value of its architectural heritage, the area is under a masterplan in line with that of the major world ports to turn it into a new district that privileges cultural and port activities, for a better enhancement of its historical identity. 

Warehouse 26 and its Biennale Exhibition were a great debut and I wish those enchanting warehouses would host more int he near future. They only have to provide an easier access, with free shuttles on week days also. Because at the moment the distance plays a menace to its visitors. You really have to want to go there, whereas art should be easily accessible to everyone and all the time. 

Way to go, you can do that, Trieste! And in this way you'll only enhance your beautiful alure. Please read this NYTimes article about the city that adopted me, where I took inspiration for the title of this post from. So next time you visit Italy you don't get distracted by glittering Venice. You only need to drive 70 miles down the coast and reach us. This mysterious city, unfairly neglected by guide books, is waiting for you :)

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