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11 July 2011

Day tripper

TO DO LIST while Alice is at summer camp:

- Hiking along the scenic Cobolli trail
- Rovinj photoshooting
- Bike ride from Trieste to Koper
- (Buy a new trolley for Alice)
- Salt harvest photoshooting at Secovlje Saltpans 

Ambitious plans, I know, but I hope to be able to complete them.

I already did a 50 mm photoshooting of Koper last week. They're my favorite lenses, they allow a lovely bokeh and force you to catch details with a different angle. 

The city was blooming, more vivid and prettier than usual because of the Costa Favolosa ship first call in there. I mixed with the happy cruise tourists and shot like crazy. Here are the results...

I hope to make you want to visit Slovenia some day too. If you do, don't miss Koper. You won't regret it!

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