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16 May 2011

Easter in Vienna

One week is barely enough to visit Vienna, if you want my opinion, but at least you manage to enjoy the most important sights. It's such an eclectic city, with different styles and rich in musuems and with its own brilliant cultural life that if you want to see it all you better rent a flat for a few months and walk around incessantly :)

It's one of those destinations we planned to visit a long time ago when we arrived here in Trieste, but that for some reason, be it unavailable hotel rooms or not enough days off, we always kept postponing. After all, it's geographically so close to Trieste that we never worried we couldn't make it. We just took it easy but I'm glad we finally managed in the end. Because it's grand and elegant.

Having visited Budapest and living in Trieste, which have a similar architecture, since they all belonged to the same Empire, it was like entering a paralle universe for me. Vienna's grandeur even made me like Imperial pomp and glory, which is something since I don't fancy all that Baroque opulence. Each single building has its own charm and no wonder why the whole  heart of the city is Unesco heritage. The imposing gothic splendour of St Stephen's cathedral defines the center and is one of the most Viennese sights.

We visited the city in 72 hours, list of must-see places beforehand and of course attractions for our daughter. The zoo, the Fun Fair and the Labyrinth playground were the sights she loved most, but being into princesses so much, she loved the visit to the Imperial Apartments too. There she was seduced by Sisi's  clothes, jewels and toiletry, but couldn't understand why the Empress was so melanchonic during her life. Ah, the rich and famous! "I would know how to entertain myself with all those goodies. I would also take long rides on coaches greeting my people!" was my baby's indignant reflection. Life as an empress, it seems, is better to be enjoyed from afar.

This time around, rather than filling a new detailed travelogue, I decided to share a personal album for this mini holiday. Sometimes images are better than any words. And also, I want to help you readers to have a closer insight into my life. I usually don't post many personal photos on my blog, since there's Facebook for that. But hey, Vienna is so beautiful it deserves a try!

So here my slideshow goes. Enjoy it and see you on my next trip!

Getaway in Vienna Slideshow: Elda’s trip from Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italia to Vienna, Austria was created by TripAdvisor. See another Vienna slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

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