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18 March 2011

Towards the light

Another week like this and I may end hospitalized! Water aerobics sucks (yeah, I haven't given up yet, I actually enrolled for another trimester!), unexpected dentist appointments (which ended up postponing my trip to Uk), endless bureaucracy for having my Driving Licence, new photo projects, a few work assignment.

Thanks God it's it's when I'm under pressure that I get out the best of me. I launched my own Youtube Channel, The Dededda, and set up a Photostream on Flickr. They are two nice platforms that are complementary to this blog, so visit them often please. It's also a cool portfolio for my business. 

Talking of which, my very first assignment is very emotional and I'm trying to create a masterpiece in order to give my client his credits. I decided I won't even ask for money. How can you charge a sister who asked me to edit a photobook of the child her brother isn't allowed to visit? The kid doesn't even know whose his biological father is, go figure! So, no way I'll get money out of this woman's pockets.  

In the meanwhile, I'm watching my Lil Princess grow into a brilliant, lovely adult. Today we were out and about to celebrate the 150th anniversary of national unity. Not that I care, I don't think there's something to celebrate here, this country is a banana republic. But Trieste put up some beautiful patriot lighting in its major square and I so wanted to capture it, because it's an extraordinary event. 

Tricolor lights in Piazza Unità d'Italia, Trieste

The wather was lovely. Spring is about to blossom, which was hight the time, after the serious Bora tempests we had this year. Nothing compared to the devastation of the terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, of course, but still annoying. My heart is with all those poor people who are also battling with nuclear radiations now.

My wish is that poor little Italy really starts its path towards the real light. It'd be wise not to stop and take pictures of the beautiful view only, but to work together for a better present. We deserve that!

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