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21 September 2010

World's eating habits

Everybody eats, but people eat many different things, and have different ways of preparing their food. I've always been fascinated by the infinite variability in their ways, the basic ingredients, the way food is preserved, the way it is cut and prepared, the amount that is served at a meal and the way the meal is served. And mainly, about the tastes people enjoy varies depending on a person's background. 

So I worked on this worlwide food project to explore cultural practices for food consumption and preparation. I asked a few of my friends worldwide, each one representing a part of a continent, to send me a photo a day of the meals they normally cook and eat, so that I could use them as a comparative photo-chronicle. It took time to collect all the photos, one of my friends even gave birth to a lovely, healthy baby girl and couldn't continue the project (congratulations again, Kaeko!), but I finally have the result here and I can post it. I think it's a really interesting portrait of world's eating habits.

I'll start with EUROPE, where gastronomy is taken seriously. Food being always an important matter, it is elevated to gourmet status and Europeans hold eating as a pastime.

My friend Kristin from Norway will introduce us the flavours of the North.

"Hi, I'm Kristin from Norway, 37, married with a small daughter. Dinner in our household is never easy since we were blessed with the pickiest eater in the world, but we manage. I like spicy food and can't seem to eat anything plain but must add spices or other types of seasoning to all the meat and fish I eat. I love cook books, food magazines and coooking shows on TV and this is where I find most of my inspiration to coook and try out new dishes. I don't eat a lot of traditional Norwegian food and in summer we tend to eat lighter meals than we normally wold in winter."

We try to have fish (or other seafood) at least twice a week, and salmon is something that everyone loves. I prefer to marinate or add spices to the fish for extra falavour, as the fish in itself doesn't taste much. Today I tried one with pepper filled with apricots and parmesan that I found in the store. It was delicious. Potatoes fried in the oven wth extra salt and pepper and some good olive oil is a must, along with sour cream and onion salad.

Today I made crispy chicken wraps. I cut chicken breasts into smaller piece, marinated them in store bought seasoning and fried them in th eoven. The good thing is that everyone can fill their wrap with whatever they like (today we had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, corn, chunky salsa, sour cream and grated cheese). Serve with a little rice, avocados and extra salsa, and life is wonderful!

My brother with his children was visiting today so we needed something child an friendly and fun to cook so we decided on a barbeque and hot dogs. This is stypical summer food for me since the're always best done on a barbeque outside in the sun! I like mine in a bun with lots of mustard, some ketchup and crispy onion.

Homemade pizza is always fun to make, and everyone can choose the topping they like the most. This one has lots of Parma ham and mozzarella in addition to tomato sauce and a little extra cheese. I served it with pasta and pesto salad and pizza dressing. Yummy!

We spent the day in an amusement park and had a late lunch and a few snacks, but no proper dinner. Needless to say after having spent the entire day there and arriving home late, there was no desire or need to cook dinner. However, I made up a little SPanish fiesta for myself consisting of Serrano ham, Spanish cheese, salami, bread with olive oil and left over pizza dressing. A very tasty ending to a perfect day!

My daughter was allowed to decide what we were going to have for dinner today, and to my surprise she wanted sushi. I didn't make it though, don't know how to, so we bought a couple of boxes at the supermarket and enjoyed it with some soy sauce. Yummy summer food!

"Mummy has to take a picture of her dinner because it is going on the Internet!:)," my daughter explained to her cousin today. Maybe just as well this is the last day (but it's been a fun project). Anyway, today I made a traditional Norwegian dish, also very child friendly as we had small dinner guests again today, of meat cakes, gravy, potatoes, stewed cabbage (boiled cabbage in white sauce), pickles and cowberry (lingonberry) jam.

Southern Europe is represented by my friend Sofia from Greece instead. She shows us why Greek cuisine is an example of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

"Hi, I'm Sofia from Greece, working as a secretary for a lawyer. I'm always very busy since I have a job and a family to take care of, so, my spare time is very limited. Nevertheless, I attach great importance to what I cook, as I want my family to eat tasty and healthy, according to the mediterranean cuisine. That doesn't mean I don't like or cook fat, full of calories dishes sometimes, they are so delicious . Anyway, I just try to avoid them as much as possible. I guess, holding a balance in anything we do, is the best we can do!"

This healthy meal needs some time to be prepared. I used big tomatoes, obergines, flowers of green pumpkins, green peppers and a big onion. I emptied their content carefully, cut it in small pieces, put it in a bowl, where I also added rice, a grated potato, garlic and onions (grated). I filled the vegetables with the content of the bowl, added a lot of extra virgin olive oil and put in the oven.It's called "gemista" and it's traditional greek, mediterranean.

Sunday, time for meat. We had cannelloni, stuffed with a mix of -already cooked- minced meat, tomato, onions, garlic and red wine. Yellow cheese that melts on the top and fresh tomato sauce all around. Ready within 40 minutes and yummy!

Monday is always a very demanding day, as I work in the evening as well, so, my spare time is very limited. We needed something tasty and quick for lunch, so, steak with fries, tomato - cucumber - onion salad with olive oil, and greek "feta" chesse, was the ideal meal for today!

My mother in law sent us fresh green beans and tomatoes from her garden yesterday, so, I cooked them in the pot with grated onions, garlic, mint and parsley. This mediterranean meal, which is full of vitamins, magnesium, calcium and folic acid, is called "ladero" (oily), like many others, as we put "tones" of olive oil in it, maybe that's why it's so tasty. We always combine it with greek feta cheese, for an extra, divine taste.

We usually have fresh fish on Wednesdays, so, my husband visited our town's harbor early in the morning and bought this fresh meckerel from mr. George, our favourite fisherman. I combined it with a small glass of white wine...and much, much bread!

Chicken and potatoes with the juice of 2 lemons and oregano, put alltogether in the oven for two hours. Tomato salad with onions, grated feta cheese and mountainous oregano on the top is a must in Summer, so, here it is! As you can see, we greeks, use much olive oil, which has many calories but it contains so many nutritions that make it very healthy and a real medicine for the human body.

Friday ... we don't usually meat and the family demanded peas in the pan. I couldn't refuse, since we all like it and I didn't have time for complicated meals, since I had to leave earlier for work today. I put peas, fresh green onions, potatoes, fresh tomatoes into pieces, plenty of olive oil and dill and I served with feta cheese on the top. Tasty and healthy!

Eating healthy? Well, not today! This dish is a calries bomb, full of fat but it's one of our favorites. Having plenty of time, I enjoyed cooking it. I put pork fillets for a light fry in the pan, I added some wine and mushrooms and boiled for a few minutes. Then, much milk cream and our dish was vanished within few seconds!


Let's have an insight into ASIA now, and see what my friends have prepared. Alice from Hong Kong presents her dad's creations.

"Hi My name is Alice Wong from Hong Kong, I’m not a professional, but working in the security field for some years now, I’m living with my parent in a small flat together, therefore everyday meals eating at home that we can’t live without. My dad loves cooking (not the professional and without the artistic concept), though not as good as the outside restaurants’ big Chef, and we all live by his meal most of life time. He's 60+ something of age and still insist himself to cook for us, because he believes that eating at home is the most healthier than outside the restaurant, and say that we don’t need to worry much about the MSG additive by homemade cooking."

Bitter gourd with soy bean in salted sour veggie and pork chop soup in order to get rid of the bodyheat during the summer time also prevent the dehydration.
Stir fry plain cabbage (without meat) and stir fry fish cake slices with spicy radish (sweet spicy).

Stir fry Choi Sum (one of local common Chinese veggie) without meat. Cut apart from leaves and stem (because stem takes more time to get cooked) and follow to soaking into saline/salted water.
-Steam chunk of fish fillet topping with preserved broccoli (which is high sweeten and salty together). Fresh fish is marinated with spices and sparkled with ginger chunks.

Stir fry Choi Sum as same as day. Stewed Pork ribs stir fry with Yellow & Green Bell Pepper. Pock ribs first marinated with bit of corn starch, soy sauce, bit of white pepper powder, oil, pinch of table salt. Seasoning: tablespoon of chops preserved soybean, chops of garlic, chops of ginger, soy sauce and salt.

Plain Stir fry Tianjin Cabbage (shape like celery with big leaves). Steam Pork ribs over the fried bean curd with preserved blak beans.Tomato soup with slices carrots and pock chop minced. All the veggie rinse well when bought, cut in pieces and soaked in the salted water for a moment, drained out and stir fry with a bit of salt. This cabbage quite much 'sweat out' on its self so no need to pour extra water to cook it.

Soup: Hairy gourd and dried baby oysters (good for summer), Steam fish fillet, Stir fry tomatoes with pork chops, fish cake slice stir with baby carrot and celery and stir fry Choi Sum. Stir fry Choi Sum as usual. Stir fry tomatoes with deep fry pork chops, about 4 pcs of pork chop. My dad uses the kitchen knife’s back smash over the pork chops to let the meat easily to cook and put little bit of sea for seasoning.

Stir fry Cauliflower and pock chop. Scrambled eggs with chops bitter gourd with pork chops.

Plain stir fry Choi Sum as usual. Stir fry Pineapple with green horn shape pepper and pork chop. And that's how we eat for most of our life time, I'm living with my parent, I have to follow their eating mode, and that's our home made style, there's also loads of other Chinese dishes beside of us. Since we are not much enjoy eating out, so every presentation on our dishes always looking the same and very super simple. And of course with rice. 

I do have the honour to present some Thai food too, thanks to my friend Tan from Thailand.

"Hi, I'm Tan from Thailand. I cook only for dinner, I have no time to prepare for breakfast or lunch so I prefer to have a toast and coffee for my breakfast but for other Thai people, they like to have JOK which is a kind of rice porridge with a bit of pork and an egg or soy milk with Thai rice pudding for their breakfast. For lunch, we often go for Pad Thai, noodle, fried noodle, papaya salad or rice with curry on top. Dinner is what I prepare for my self and my family."

Basic ingredients for Thai food: kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, chopped galangal, red chilis, chopped shallots, coriander and saw-leaf coriander , ginger, basil, chilli, Turmeric , sweet basil, garlic , fermented soybeans  , sugar, light soy sauce, fish sauce, oil.

Stir Fried Baby Kale. To cook, fry the crushed garlic in your wok until golden brown. Next add the pork that has already been cut up into bite sized pieces. Finally comes the baby kale. Season with fish sauce, fermented soy bean, oyster sauce and some sugar and chili.

Tom Yum Gung: Put some water in a pot and add lemon grass, kaffir limes leaves and chillies. Tear the kaffir limes leaves, not cut them(I think it give better smell) Once it comes to the boil add prawn, mushrooms. Season with sugar, salt  and a bit of fish sauce. Turn off the heat and add the lemon juice.

Grilled Beef salad. The first step is to grill the beef or sometimes pork until cooked and then cut it into thin slices. Next, mix all your ingredients together. This includes the sliced beef, cucumber, tomato, onion, chillies and season with salt, sugar, fish sauce and lemon juice. Tip out onto a plate and add a sprig of mint leaf and coriander leaves.

Chicken Stir Fried with Ginger.Cut the chicken and mushrooms to bite size. Fry the crushed garlic until it is golden brown. Add the chicken ,ginger and followed by mushrooms. Season with sugar, oyster sauce and fermented soy bean sauce and add some fish sauce. Finish with the spring onion and the onion.

And usually soups and clear soups are also for lunch. Clockwise: sour curry with veggie and shrim, stir cayote shoot with oyster sauce, stir chinese kale with oyster sauce, tom yung gung.

Le's go to Japan now, it's Kaeko's turn to share her eating habits. To her goes my most sincere wishes for embarking in the difficult but amazing parenthood experience. 

The cook of the main dish was my husband, Rashid! He made sort of like a stew with chicken, carrots, string beans, mushroom, eggplants, chick peas, tomatoes. With mashed potatoes and boiled buckwheat (the brown thing, next to the stew and mashed potatoes). I made a little salad, using the mini-tomatoes and basil leaves fresh from my mom's garden (she sent it to us on the 11th!), and little mozarella balls. It's not a Japanese dish, apparently...  Buckwheat is commonly eaten in Russia, I like it a lot, it's also quite healthy, so with the stew full of veggies, we had a healthy meal!

A simple, Japanese-style meal ... What you see on the left is a bowl of rice with grilled eel on top (with teriyaki-type of sauce), to the right is miso (fermented soybean)-soup with Japanese leek (green onion) and wakame (seaweed), plus green salad with my mom's mini-tomatoes. Eating eel helps you recover from the fatigue of humid weather. I know foreigners might freak out at the thought of eating eel, but the meat is very soft, tasty and nutritious.


OCEANIA has only one but good exponent, my dear friend Alida from Australia. While we were all eating light meals here during a boiling summer, she cooked heavy food to keep herself going through Oz winter. To her goes my special thanks because she had the nerve to take pics even when she was battling a nasty flu. You rock, bella! :)

"Hi! I'm 37, and live in Melbourne Australia - the foodie capital of Australia!

Melbourne is an extremely multicultural city, and therefore we eat a wide range of cuisines, many of which reflect the wave of migration to Australia over the decades.  In the 1950's-60's we had the Europeans arrive (Italians, Greeks, Polish, Dutch, Spanish and so on), in the 1980-90's we had those from the Asian continent arrive, and now in the 2000's we have those from the African continent & the Middle East arrive.  Melburnians love to explore new food & our climate means that we have an abundance of fresh produce.  Whilst packaged food is widely available, anyone who is 'into' food, prefers to buy fresh produce at the market or local supplier than from the American-style supermarkets (here - the main supermarkets are Coles, Woolworths, Aldi.. and a handful of smaller chains).

2-3 decades ago, Australians would typically eat food of old England... meat pies, weekend roasts, a plain beef steak or lamb with mashed potato and gravy, with 2-3 vegtables on the side.  How things have changed!  I think my dad (in his 60's) still longs for that food, but urghhhh - boring!!  I prefer the diversity & I love discovering new spices or herbs and thinking about ways to use them in a new dish.

Growing up as a child, I remember my mum cooking typical Dutch/Germanic food (roll mops, poffertjes, smoked eel, croquettes, sauerkraut & Dutch/Indonesian style curries).  This was perhaps the trigger point for my cooking fascination.  In the early 70's I can tell you, smoked eel and herring were NOT something the typical Aussie family would eat.  Back then, you would have to search for these items at a continental specialty deli.  Now, you can find these items at most supermarkets in the major capital cities.

I LOVE Asian grocery stores!  The fresh produce and the packaged goods are cheaper than the larger supermarkets.  For instance, we buy 10kg of jasmine/basmati rice from an Asian grocery for under $20.  In the supermarkets, you will pay $3 for only 250g :(  That's $12 for only 1kg!  What a rip-off!!

I live with my fiance Travis. So, I cook for 2.  A typical week for us would include 1 beef dish, 1-2 lamb dishes, 1 vegetarian, 2 seafood, 2-3 chicken.  I am not a huge eater of beef, but Travis would eat Porterhouse (beef) steak everyday from the BBQ, if he had his way (boys will be boys when it comes to BBQs!)  I love spicy (very hot) food, whilst Travis' tastebuds cannot handle it (his family never cooked spicy food at home), therefore I cook a wide variety of cuisine at home, sometimes 2 different meals - one for Travis, and a different one for me.

So, for the week, you will see some influences from the following cuisines:  Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Hungarian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (the real Chinese food - not like the rubbish from take way shops), Turkish... and of course some Aussie 'tucker' - perhaps some kangaroo, wallaby or crocodile.  I'll see what my tastebuds feel like during the week :)

We are in the middle of winter here, so some of the meals will be 'heavy'... however, it is not too cold (about 15C), so you will see some 'lighter' meals as well on the days when it is nice and sunny.

Anyway - enjoy!"

Risotto.  Chicken, basil, chorizo, mushrooms.  1 hour in the kitchen - done.  It's cold tonight, so this is a nice meal that doesn't take long. This is not typical for us.  I cook it perhaps once per month. During the week is when I really fire up with awesome meals.  This is risotto is lovely but bores me to death.  Await tomorrow - Monday, the start of a lovely new week!

Looooong day at work.  Cajun chicken breast & roma tomato, wrapped in prosciutto & basil leaves.  Caeser salad & potatoes. A nice & easy meal. This is typical for our home when I have no time :)

Tonight - Roo. 2 potatoes, 1 diced pear, 3 tablespoons of cream & a small amount of butter.  All mashed together.  2 kangaroo fillets.  I have used lemon myrtle & a teaspoon of oil, on the fillets to marinate them for 1-2 hours.This is VERY typical in our house & roo is very quick to cook.  I cook this, or something like it, every 1-2 weeks - especially during winter. 

Za'atar (dukkah) Tasmanian Atlantic salmon steaks (grilled), with greek salad (kalamata, feta & roasted basil roma tomato), chat potatoes & whole baby beetroot. This is VERY typical - we eat seafood once or twice a week - especially during summer. I would usually grill the salmon steak (or sometimes swordfish) on the BBQ, but it's too late and too chilly outside tonight.  

So... in the last few days, I've cooked some meals that are very usual for winter, and super easy to cook. Here is the first. I ate nothing this particular day - but cooked Beef in Red Wine sauce for Travis.  Cooked over 4 hours, all together - beef, carrot, peas, red wine, stock... I don't eat beef, but it's a perfect winter meal for Travis :) It came with a side serving of rice (and Kylie Minogue in the background!)

A cheap lunch for me to cook at home when sick! Cajun squid, with vietnamese salad (red capsicum/snow peas/coriander/sesame seeds).  Chilli mustard aioli.  Cheap, simple & yummy.  10 minutes to make.  Couldn't eat it all :(

Tom Yum Gai, with some vietnamese mint from my garden :) This is typical for me!!  An easy meal at home :)

Barramundi night!  Woohoo! I marinated the fish in ginger, chilli, garlic, basil, mint, lemongrass & soy sauce for 2 hours. then tossed very quickly in cornflour.  Lightly fried.  Done. It is served with blanched brocollini, bok choy, and soba noodles. Seafood and dishes like this are typical and I cook something like this every week at least!

This is the BOGAN meal that Travis likes to have on occasion.  Heart failure is guaranteed. Porterhouse steak (also known as sirloin), hash browns and I made him a bacon & mushroom omelette. This is not so typical, and thank god, because the arteries would say ' no thank you! '

Tofu puffs with Nuoc Cham.  Typical, cheap.  Every week as a snack. San Choy Bau.  We have this all the time.  I use either chicken or pork mince.  Water chestnuts, shiitake & shallots. This time I have also added peas.  It is a fabulous wrap in iceberg lettuce. Panang Thai Chicken curry.  I also cook this all the time.

Tofu puffs with Nuoc Cham.  Typical, cheap.  Every week as a snack. San Choy Bau.  We have this all the time.  I use either chicken or pork mince.  Water chestnuts, shiitake & shallots. This time I have also added peas.  It is a fabulous wrap in iceberg lettuce. Panang Thai Chicken curry.  I also cook this all the time. Ingredients like oyster sauce/soy sauce/ginger/lemongrass/kaffir/garlic/fish sauce are a staple in our house :)


Continuining our journey to AMERICA, Albertha from USA is nice enough to give us a glance to her eating habits. Thanks for taking your time in your busy schedule, dear!

"Hi, I'm Elda's pen-friend, Albertha, from Omaha, Nebraska in the USA. Even though we haven't met, I feel as though I've known her for ages and I know one day in the future, we will meet! :) I come from a multicultural background, so I love to sample and try to make different foods. My mom is from South Korea (I was actually born there and lived there until I was 5 years old) so I was raised on Korean food, as well as American. I have been married for two years and have two step-daughters. I love introducing my husband to different cuisines since he's never tried anything new prior to meeting me. He grew up in the Midwest, eating "meats and potatoes." Since I work full time at a college, I don't have a lot of time to cook and try to make meals that are simple and easy to reheat the next day for lunch! However, whenever we have company, I love to treat my guests to a special meal and will usually create a menu or theme to delight their palates!  I enjoyed helping Elda with this project and am honored she included me! Grazie!"

Lunch:  leftover pizza, peach and a TV dinner which featured salisbury steak and pasta. Dinner: No dinner since I was busy cleaning until 11:00 p.m.!

Dinner: buffet of chips, shrimp pasta, veggies, fruits, hamburger, hotdogs and desserts

We had a pre 4th of July holiday last night so it was a little challenging taking pictures while entertaining guests. We had about 15 people show up and I was hustling trying to make sure they were well taken care of.

Lunch: hotdog, cheese cubes and seasoned tomatoes.

Dinner: pizza with fresh cantalope.

Lunch: finished the pasta I cooked on Sunday! Also ate a piece of garlic bread and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. One of my co-workers brought a case of cookies for all of us to enjoy.

Lunch: leftover taco. I made it into a salad and put hot sauce on it as dressing.

A bit down to South there's my lovely Lorena from Chile. It was winter in her part of the world too when she sent these pics, so meals are a consequence of the weather. She moved to Netherlands now, for her husband's happyness (you're lucky, Herbert! Remember mafia? Well, treat her well! LOL), so we soon expect a Dutch update from her! he he he

"Hi, I'm Lorena. Crazy, curious, Chilean, self-taught chef by hobby. Virgo/tiger, married. Simple, warm but draconian!" 

Rice & pot roast and some chicken, with cabbages & carrot salad. Maybe my favorite cooking style for cow meat, juicy, nice colour well done, soft, full of flavour. Lately I've been too much into vegetables and healthy style of cooking. Eating this I feel like on a weekend day,. In my childhood was a special meal for weekends; sometimes with rice, or with white spaguettis. So, it recalls me to eat with no hurries!

Leek creamy soup,pig, smoky spicy potatoes, cabbage salad with and garlic. Today i had 2 different dishes, we are passing by a polar wave, temperature is under -7 at day, so, the only thing to do is to eat and watch TV. I love creamy soups and i love leeks, then a leek soup is perfect for me, in Chile leek is not so popular as in Holland that we can eat "prei" or leek everyday, and u find it everywhere and in different ways... And pig and potatoes is a nice mix, is like to be in the country side, eating a lot and eating well.

Home made mashed potatoes, with carrot and spinach tortilla. I like to eat this meal very hot, it's great feeling the subtle flavor of the cream mixed with potatoes and the sweetness of the carrots that are fused with a bitter touch of spinach. I love the fact that I almost feel I am detoxing from eating so much meat the day before... and i don't feel like to go on diet. 

Today the dish was CAZUELA, and as salad BETERRAGA WITH ONION (beets ad onion), a typical chilean meal, cooked from top to bottom of the country, meanly in cold seasons. I like cause it is simple to made, and u don't have to spend a lot. Whoe standing by the pans,  it's tasty, and fill u well, but is never heavy. It can be done with cow meat, chicken, turkey, pig ... I just eat it with cow or chicken.

CHARQUICÁN. I like this meal 'cause it is simple to cook, and simple to eat. The basis is pumpkin, as most Chilean meals have it, so it isn’t easy to escape. I just add any salad and ...voilá... I don't need more. And the best of all is that the combination of vegetables make it perfect to disguise or fade away the taste of the pumpkin...


AFRICA welcomes us with Matilda from Zambia. Let's see what she has to tell and show.

"Hi. I am 38 years old. I work for a living.  I am also a mother of two lovely kids (a boy of 11 years and a girl of 4 years respectively). I am a single parent. My hobbies are listening to music, making friends, reading fashion magazines & novels, watching movies, surfing the net, baking. I also like taking pictures. I live in Zambia. I was born and raised in Lusaka the capital City, though I have travelled to other parts of the country, just for fun."  

Comprises of a tuber vegetable.  It is boiled for 10 min, then add 2 table spoons veg Oil, add one medium size onion and one large very ripe tomato. Add pinch of salt to taste, curry is optional. 

Comprises of some wild spinach in pounded groundnut paste and very ripe tomatoes, salt and bicarbonate of soda is added to taste.

Thick meal prepared from maize meal.  Add maize flour into boiling water to make porridge let it boil for 10-15 min then add more maize meal to until it thickens. Leave on the fire for another 5 min then put on a platter.  It is eaten with a some relish which can comprise of # 1 and 2 or maybe fried fish or chicken and beef and vegetables.

Salad comprising of avocado, one large tomato sliced and boiled sweet potatoes in tomato and onion sauce.

Boiled rice in sauce with beef sausage and some steamed spinach

Smoked Hungarian sausage and some Irish potato fries with salads on the side.

This is nshima (maize meal) with fried fish and vegetables and gravy.  By the way the nshima is usually eaten with fingers the African traditional way

So, time to say goodbye to this project and pen off. I feel sad because I enjoyed working on this idea, I think it's inventive. And I surely want to thank everyone for having the patience and the will, as well as the nerve, of taking so many photos for me. One day, when I'll be a quoted journalist, I'll remember you! For now, please just accept the fame this poor, humble blog has! Loads xxx


  1. Oh niiiiice!!!! for me it's a total honour to be in this!!
    U have totally gourmet friends eh!!!
    Congrats for the recopilation!tastefull to see and to read!!!

  2. Such a fantastic project! Love it!

  3. It was wonderful being able to see the final project! The dishes created by your friends looked delicious! :)

  4. Makes me think of our dinner project in summer :-)

  5. thanks everyone, girls! both for joining and reading. you make all my efforts worthy!

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    Nice additions today!

  7. You make blogland a very special place, Elda. It's remarkable how much effort you put in each of your posts and how each of your posts reflect you. Bravo!

  8. awww, thanks, sandra. i'm glad my passion and efforts pass to readers this way, and reflect me well. the best possible gift and compliment ever for a writer :)


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