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25 September 2010

Bubble Art

Trieste hosted the festival of street artists today. My friend Patrizia, a bohemien painter and one of my teenage partners in crime, whom I hadn't seen in 5 years, was there to support and help her beau,  Eros, a brilliant bubble artist.

His performance left me with a tingling sense that I just encountered something mysterious and wonderful. An artist's work is their gift to us. His job is to reflect back to us pieces of our common, taken for granted, everyday experiences of the world. Well, Eros' reflection allowed me to re-experience the world, making it new again. 

I felt like a child watching all those three-dimensional circles appearing in the air. Bubbles will bounce, float, disappear, divide and sometimes even swallow you whole if you give them the chance. Even ordinary bubbles are magical. 

Pat met Eros on peg stilts, an art they both master.

Isn't it extraordinary that their romance started from such distance above the ground? They have a performing company, called Sagrabodò. Life on the streets is hard but they still manage. Keep coloring the world, you guys. You'll soon take it. Rock on!

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