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13 September 2010

My First Grader

And so the day has come, this morning my sweet bella kicked off Elementary School. My baby! I can't believe she'll be sitting at her own desk on the third row of her classrom daily!

From now on, it'll be all about developmental milestones and growth stages, dealing with increased academic demands and homeworks. I better get used to it and keep my fingers crossed that this transition from kindergarten to first grade, a big one, will proceed as smooth as possible.

Way to go, Alice. Your education journey has only just started and I wish you well. May it be creative, joyful, interesting and highly instructive. You'll be fine!


  1. All the best to your sweet Alice and also to you and Alfie.
    Speaking from experience (3 teens and a combined 36 years worth of schooling for them), I will tell you only one bit of advice.

    Give here a T-Shirt that says...

    "The opinions of this child are not necessarily those of her parents."

  2. ahaah well said, heather! thanks!!!


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