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13 September 2010

Brava Moira

I have been struggling with a few bad consequences of my day surgery this week, I haven't felt too well to sit down and write. I still feel vaguely nauseated and seriosuly sore-throated, thus I've been put on antibiotics. Ahhhh, medication! They make my head spin all around ...

On Saturday I felt a bit better and we took Alice to the circus. Moira Orfei was in Udine, we made our way to the afternoon show and enjoyed every minute of it. 

I was glad to see there're only a few animals. Canadian Cirque du  Soleil proves that animal - free circuses can work and maybe Moira is adapting this new philosophy to her shows. What's fun in watching bored, sedated animals? The White Lion looked pretty much like such. 

Moira set up her own circus in 1960 and today she's the symbol of Italian Circus. Her white turban covering her jet-black beehive hairstyle, the heavy black eyeliner, long false eyelashes and bright red lips are still the same after so many years.

She's 73 today, and after performing as an equestrian rider, a trapeze artist, an acrobat, an elephant tamer (earning her the nickname of ‘Moira of the Elephants’) and a dove trainer, she retired. But she still supervises every detail and still greets her audience.

Thank you for such a great time, Moira!

Your circus distingues itself for the elegance of productions and high quality of its acts. Well done, Moira: you're keeping up the traditions and reputation of your family. Brava.


  1. Fantastic Elda! I am glad that you got out for such a fun evening!
    Yay Canada and Cirque du Soliel! Makes me proud to be Canadian. :) Let's hope more circus's do the same soon.

    Sorry you are not feeling well. Does anything help you? Maybe try some plain crackers once and hour or so just so your stomach is never really empty? It is working for me (for the most part).

  2. well heather, i had to be put on antibiotics to prevent infection, that's where nausea comes from -yuck! i feel slightly better today, finally. being healthy is such a bless, isn't it?


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