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30 September 2010

Girl in a Million

Factory Girl is a controversial movie. It's a very opinionated view about how Andy Warhol is to blame for Edie Sedgwick's descendent into drug addiction and mental illness. It also claims that Edie's  turbolent relationship with singer Bob Dylan drove her to suicide. Dylan was furious about this defamous portrait with bad rejection on Edie, his lawyers made moves to stop the project. The  producers found a way to avoid the court anyway. Dylan's character was called Billy Quinn and they never mentioned his music, so the film was finally realized in 2007.


I wached the movie a few weeks ago and my reaction was quite spontaneous. I  immediately connected with this pretty but troubled soul that was Edie. Sienna Miller was very good at making me feel she was a big drug addict as a result of a very turtured life. And of course I hated Andy and thought he was a selfish bitch who only needed someone to give his Factory the reputation of  a place where young trend setters would gather. Guy Pearce's brilliant interpretation reflected someone who, though captivated by Edie's personality, was only largely using her presence as his ticket to Hollywood.

But I know that a career in show business can destroy a genuine person, let alone those  like Edie's, whose past is fuled by ghosts and demons. I knew there was something more than wrong contacts behind the extraterrestrial girl on fire wo pushed the limits of the 60's cosmo. I was stroke with interest  with this consumed girl. Self-destructive people are always that intriguing, aren't they?

Therefore I researched more about her and found out that this supersatar who was Andy's muse and Princess of his Factory was only a lonely little girl from California who grew up in a ranch and drew horses. Someone who was trying hard to separate from her wealthy but  dysfunctional family, whose distant father's only concern was to instill ideals of perfection in all his children.

She found all the attention she needed down at the Factory, but also lots of different drugs to sooth her soul with. Not even her redemption time after her spotlight decreased, spent in differents rehabs and psychiatric internemnts, and  marriage in between, helped her heal. She never conformed. She was still hoping for a second chance of fame and dependent on barbiturates. Their overdose is how she ended her short life with. She was only 28. And still lonely.


  1. I've heard so many about this story and how Andy manipulated Edie and all that-and do not disagree as I realize what happens in this world and esp back in the 60s that people seemed to try rather a bit more to prove.....something. But my questions remain, how much is Andy to be blamed and how much is Edie herself. I believe that a weak person like Edie has no self awarness on what they are getting into and knowing Edie tried too much to get out of a certain life style is what probably made her weaker into the hands of the wrong people. In my 35 year old existance I have learned that people hurt, manipulate and use...it is their nature. Isn't then up to us to protect ourselves from such bastards?
    My views have something to do with Edie but I take the chance here also to say this: Fight for your right to be unique. Live and yeah, let die who ever wants to die. Follow a herd does not make you somebody, it only makes you a dot among words. Be the capital letter!!!!

    PS Do i make any freaking sense here???

  2. you always make fabulous sense, darling!:)

    i agree, people manipulate you, it's up to you not let them to. but many people, sadly, don't have the nerve and the personality to react. they just swim with the crowd.

    thus i think edie is not to be taken as a role model. of course she had a sense for style and fashion, but as for the rest, it's crazy to like what she achieved, because she had no goals.

    why can't showbusiness use actors only once rather than ruining them?

    i'm afraid there's much more behind fame than weakness and manipulation ...


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