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29 September 2010


September is my favorite month but this year it's coming to an end and I haven't enjoyed any single day of it yet. My surgery and its complication first, Ali's debut at school later and in between this terrible rainy weather. They all made me stuck stay inside drinking too many teas, reading stupid magazines and procrastinating chores all mornings. And even on afternoons, we spend it lazily at home, Ali and I. We're both more homebodies than what we like to think. 

It's not affecting me personally yet, but if I'm here sitting and thinking about it, it means I hope to be more productive soon. What is it that stops me from stepping out, doing daily grocery shopping rather than rushing everything last minute before I'm on my way to pick Ali from school? Why do I seem to have a semi-serious addiction to the Bouncing Balls application on Facebook? Even my camera has been resting for too long now. This has to stop, it's time to react!

Any suggestions?


  1. I don't mind staying at home: it's cosy, relaxing, peaceful, everything runs at my own pace. But it is nice to go out as well. Just do it, I'd say. Don't over think it. Your body and mind tell you went it's time to rest and when it's time for some action. You'll get out there eventually and you will love it!

  2. thanks sandra, i'll try to listen to my body here. it's october now, i'm confident something it's gonna change. i love autumn!


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