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04 August 2010

growing artist

i've a few drawings made by alice recently that are interesting and original in the way only children can express. first and most important, the way she sees me: writing by the computer. her use of no colors here may denote a negative opinion about me. obviously, being busy with my things may irritate her. that's why she maybe wrote her name and daddy's on the screen, to address my thoughts to them at least. 

it's all very realistic, the form of the desk, the size of the pc (a mac) and the keyboard. i find it very nice.

fortunately she sees me more colorful in this next drawing. it's me and her and i love the way she drew my lips and hair. she dyed her hair, she made herself look blonde. mmmh!i love this portrait, it's my favorite.

then there's this other cool drawing, made to be sent to her favorite magazine, disney princess. she drew her favorite princess of all, jasmine, with her aladin. look at the precious details of their clothes, the appropriate use of colors, the flying carpet. absolutely amazing! we're waiting for each new copy to be issued with trepidation every month now, hoping to find this drawing and the letter she made me write to them to be published.

she also drew the characters of one of her favorite cartoons, baby looney tunes. sweet, isn't it?

but the real masterpiece of these days is the story she invented and illustrated. so once upon a time there was a girl who was being followed by ghosts ...

she ran to the forest to hide herself, but she got lost

and so the ghosts caught her. 

they left her alone in the wood.

and the girl, in order to regain her freedom, had to marry one of them.

who, as if by magic, transformed himself into a human!

therefore, they lived happily ever after!

isn't all this lovely from a 5 years old?


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