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06 July 2010

mornings project with sandra

SANDRA: "soaking up in the morning sun."
'meet ginger, one of my baby land turtles. she loves the morning sun as it is not too hot, but she needs it to start functioning properly. she turned towards me as soon as she saw me as she knows i am the food provider.'

ELDA: "cakesland"
'they say if you have to eat a cake, you better eat it in the mornings, so that you have all day ahead to burn its calories. that's what i do sometimes. they know me very well down at giugovaz bakery now!' :)


SANDRA: "my clock is actually the first thing i see (and smash) in the mornings. i don't think she particularly likes the way i look at 6 am, when i usually get up in the morning during the working days. do you think of your clock as a she as well? i probably do because she is a female gender in the slovene language' 

ELDA : "bed sweet bed"
'waking up has always been a trauma for me. i always look at my bed with nostalgia after i leave, it, i nearly hear it call me back and i have to fight the urge to jump into it again. thus i love the intimacy of the inviting wasted bed in the mornings. it's so comforting!'


SANDRA: "i love the morning shadows ... can you guess which three trees these shadow belong to? and don't asnwer "your tree" :)) to be honest, i love all, even the tinniest of the shadows during the summer time.'

ELDA: "lucky guy"
'i spotted this guy bathing this morning during my inline morning skating session and i envied him a bit. what's luckier than having your own boat and enjoying the freedom it gives? i always have to find the right place to sunbath and then swim. i could do much better with my own boat, couldn't i?'


SANDRA: "i only have breakfast on the weekend mornings (i am never hungry at 6 or 7am). here's a sandwich with vegetarian 'smoked ham' (which is delicious) and some orange juice. dober tek! (which means bon apet it in slovene)' 

ELDA: "morning guy"
'my hubbie is an early bird, which contrasts dramatically with my night owl nature. on weekends he wakes up very early, prepares breakfast for everyone and lets me sleep me more while taking care of alice. which i appreciate immenesely. but then later in the mornings he collapses and needs a nap, whereas i'm fully functioning. opposites compensate each other, huh?'


  1. so much fun to see your photos girls :-)
    greetings, Birna

  2. ehehe thanks birna! i miss our projects!


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