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20 June 2010

a week of mornings

this is going to be a very different post of mine. inspired by the a year of mornings project, between 2 friends who exchanged daily photo conversations while they were miles apart, i decided to do the same and asked a few friends to join me in a similar project, but shorter. 

well, for me mornings are never magic, i'm a night owl and waking up is always a painful moment LOL but i like the hours before the hustle and bustle of the day commences, not only because it helps me functioning, but also because they're very intimate. for many of us those are rituals, and this is what the project i've been inspired from is all about: capturing the rhythms, revealing the beauty of daily elements.

my friends birna from iceland and sandra from slovenia agreed to exchange photos with me, jus for a week. birna is on holidays right now, so she is in the perfect mood and free spirit to get started. iceland is not so distant but at the same time it's a completely different country from italy, so i think we could compare a nice contrast. here's what we came up with so far.

BIRNA: "early news"
'the free newspaper is not delivered to every house anymore but instead they put up boxes around town where you can pick up the paper. there's one in my street and this morning there were only two papers left when i got there'.

ELDA: "rainy treat"
'i always like to have my cappuccino at the mall when it rains. i read, sip and enjoy people watching in between. people always look different and more interesting when they've to find a way to repair from rain!'

side by side:

BIRNA: "fire and ice"
'today june 17th is the national day of iceland and when riding my bike this morning i spotted these two cute houses; one red and blue with white window frames ans as these are the colors of the icelandic flag i thought this would be the perfect photo of today with the red and blu as symbols of fire and ice'.

ELDA: "morning people"
'i took a photo walk of my neighborhood today. in the mornings trieste is full of elders and this particular guy, sit on a bizarre bench in front of a bar waiting for his coffee, looked quite funny and representative'.

 side by side:

BIRNA: "fuel into the day"
'breakfast is a very important thing for me and honestly i don't start to function properly unless i've had breakfast and the more the better! my typical breakfast is half a liter of fruits, muesli, jiuce and proteins mixed in a blender and sometimes something more like extra fruits or cereals. that keeps me going for the next 3 hours or so ...'

ELDA: "daily delivery"
'leaving my baby in the hands of her favorite teacher is a daily bless. alice feels happier and more motivated when roberta welcomes her at school and she doesn't mind to say bye bye mom'. 

side by side:

BIRNA: "orange world"
'the world cup is a big thing everywhere these days and this morning we had a friend from holland (who's on holiday here) popping in to watch holland vs japan. he brought me these goodies: dutch waffles, orange world cup m&m's and orange licquer saying that if i drank it i'd like football too! LOL!

ELDA: 'vicious breakfast'
'having wine at breakfast may sound unhealthy and totally crazy, but we did a slow food cruise today and they served delicious whites for breakfast. how could i say no to them? it was a vicious way to feel pampered!'

 side by side:

BIRNA: "ready for a walk?"
'i like outdoor activities and nature -especially when the weather is good. hiking is one thing i've got to like very much in the past year or two. it gives you a different view on nature; you ee things you don't normally see because hiking trails are not the usual paths that people travel but some of them are 'old' roads from times before cars and other vehicles, when people used to go by foot from one part of the country to another in every kind of weather and they dind't have the good clothes and shoes that we have now. amazing, isn't it?'

ELDA: "sunday chores"
'mmmh! not the things you want to do first thing in the morning, but if i don't take care of the laundry on sunday mornings, my day doesn't start well. it got to be my kind of sunday ritual, which i attempt to do even on planned trip days'

side by side:

on the other hand sandra, my country neighborh friend, joined me in this beautiful project too, but we decided to do this on a weekly basis, and for a month. here's what we came up with this week.

SANDRA: "the first daisy in my garden"
"I love to take a peak at the outside world after I wake up and I was happy to discover that my daisies were finally in blossom" 

ELDA: "frugal breakfast"
'going healthy and light is what i like to do for breakfast, but only when i feel inspired!'

side by side:

see you next wedsneday for the last pics of my project with birna, and next friday for the second pic with sandra!

in the meanwhile, i accept volunteers for two new projects, 'a week of evenings' and 'a week of dinners'. they are so brilliant ways to get to know each other's cultures and habits! come on!


  1. it's such a great idea and I'm actually having fun doing this :-) if you need a volunteer for any of the other two projects just let me know. ;-)
    hugs, Birna

  2. thanks birna! do you feel like doing the meals project?

  3. You didn't send me a pic for my blog... maybe I got this all wrong... so Friday it is:)))

  4. no no bella, it's my fault, i just forgot to attach my pic! yuck! i'll send it this minute and u can write a nice post about the project too! sorry :)


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