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16 June 2010

let the cat out of the bag

ops, i did it again: i bought a new handbag! it's for the beach, white and huge. normally i go colorful and small but this one is practical with many pockets that can allow me to stuff in everything and it's canvas, so i can toss it away easily in the washing machine when it gets too dirty. also, i can reuse it this fall for grocery shopping. because, you know, next summer i NEED a new beach bag!

yes, i'm a handbag addicted :) i'm one of those women for whom owning 3 different kinds of purses a season is simply not enough. i like switching bag according to my daily outfits and, since i'm budget friendly too, i prefer throwaways to longevity. who cares about how i portray myself to the world? i don't need a recognasible it bag to show off my status. a cheap and lovely market bag can make me happy all the same and keep me away from authenticity fanatics. 

are you the same?

women handbags are a microcosm of our lives. just like shoes, they can reveal a lot about our personality. listen to what body language expert judi james thinks about a few common bags carried and tell me if you fit in any of the prifiles she describes.


so, by wearing the first korean bag last winter, i'm in touch with my masculine side and i deep down hate myself? mmmh! i prefer the idea of being a natural leader of the shoulder bag, really.

fashion writer stephanie pedersen's view is more realistic. she wrote a book called 'handbags: what every woman should know', and according to her theory, 'women who prefer shoulder bags refuse to be a fashion victim'. also, she thinks that 'if the bags are without logos, it means you're confident and don't need to show off your wealth'. 

another interesting aspect related to bags is what we carry inside them.  no treasure to unearth, no nosing around, just trying to find out the ultimate personality trait about the person. i'm not a fashion blogger but i couldn't resist to showcase the contents of my bag here. you know, to make my post complete. here's a photo i took this winter, after spilling all my things on the floor, organizing them and shooting.

there are, clockwise: my mobile, a bottle of natural nail reinforcement, antiseptic handgel, the book i was reading,  lip balm, face care lotion, a pair of gloves, sunglasses, apart keys, deep throat spray, notebook and a pen, some chocolate and nose wipes. 

i think it's pretty essential, i try to keep the things to a minimum. of course, when alice is around with me, my bag is always full with her drawings, books, toys and mini bottles of water. also, al often asks if there's extra room for his blackberry and wallet, so i end up being everyone's keeper.

this is it. subject covered. i can keep shopping for more bags now! LOL

PS: i'm reading a fashion related novel right now, a vintage affair. it's by isabel wolff, and i adore her writing style so much that i'd even read a book whose main argument is hateful soccer, if she ever bizarly wrote one of that genre!

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  1. I don't even want to know what my handbag holds:) I just know it's too heavy:))


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