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25 June 2010

a week of meals

this is the day birna and i decided to kick off our new project called 'a week of meals'. we'll take one pic a day of the food we eat for about a week and post it here, hoping to wander through the dephts of our eating habits.

BIRNA: "lazy cooking"
'i just threw a whole chicken into the oven for roasting, chopped down some potatoes into boats and baked in the oven (my version of healthy chips) and then there's a bit of sliced coleslaw and carrots with mayonnaise dressing. nothing fancy but quick and easy on a friday evening.' 

ELDA: "meal for a single"
'i hate cooking when i'm alone, and with al away in india this week, i got a gourmet delivery at home: calzone filled with cheese ricotta and ham. i always serve fresh and decent dinner for alice, of course, while i get carried away with my nutrition. well, considering i have pizza once a week, this is just a yummy variation of the genre.'

side by side

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside” - Mark Twain

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