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25 June 2010

friday rules!

it's sandra's time on fridays. here we go!

SANDRA: "my pajama says:"

ELDA: "scary selfie"
'i was locked in our building elevator this morning on the way back from taking alice to school. serves me right for never attempting to climb those 60 stairs up! i spent 23 minutes in there before they got me out. and i snapped, pulling up a worried face."


  1. LOL Sandra your pajamas are hilariously funny!!
    Elda I hope you a book to read while waiting?
    Greetings from Birna

  2. hehe eyeah, the pj is cool!
    and no, birna, i dind't have any book with me, so snapping was the only funny alternative left! yuck!

  3. When I saw Elda's pic I immediately knew what happened -your face says it all:)))

  4. ahaha fortuantely i remained calm. it had happened to other people before, i knew what to expect. had i been the first, well, i don't know what my reaction would have been like!


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