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23 June 2010

some more shots

here we are, more shots of the 'a week of mornings' project taken by me and birna. 

BIRNA: "the chain saw"
'having a big garden is a lot of work (sigh!) and this morning we decided to strip down a hedge that had been badly damaged by worms. thoris loves it when he can make use of the chain-saw so he was in full action. the hedge will grow again in no time so no big harm done plus now we have a good view into the neighbor's vegetable garden :) mind you - even after a shower now i still have the feeling of worms crawling in my hair!!'

ELDA: "curious fellow"
'the privileges of living on the upper floors: closer contact with birds. especially on quiet mornings like today. definitely better than noisy neighbors downstairs!'

side by side 

BIRNA: "on the sunny side of life"
'what is better than waking up on a sunny morning when the sky is blue and the birds are singing in trh etrees? i just love it! this is one of these mornings and i'm going out to enjoy it!'

ELDA: "interior lighting"
'i love it when the rays of early light filter into the room. it's very intimate. and it's even more magic to watch a sleeping beauty inside. the moments before i wake alice up are my favorites'.


side by side

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