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30 June 2010

new meal

BIRNA: "plokkifiskur"
'plokkifiskur is one of the traditional icelandic dishes: fish (cod or haddock), potatoes and onion sort of 'mashed' together (seasoned with black pepper) and baked in the oven. the dark rye bread loads of butter is an absolute must to go with. it might not look good but it surely tastes good' :) 

ELDA: "pizz e foje"
'this is a traditional dish of my region and it must be served in rural plates like these. it's country vegetables mixed with yellow flour pizza. it's part of the poor cuisine of the past, when farmers didn't have enough money to buy meat and had to compensate with other ingredients. it's perfect for me because i tend not to eat meat and this is a nice alternative to let everybody taste more veggies.'

side by side


  1. your pizz e foje sounds interesting. our plokkfiskur also comes from the old days when people had leftovers of boiled fish, then added potatoes into it and when heating up roughly mashed together. the rye bread is to add more filling to the stomach.
    let's see what tomorrow brings then? ;-)

  2. i'm very proud of our projects, birna! i think we're doing a very good job. and when we finally meet, we must cook each other too. i can't wait!

  3. hey birna, one more thing: can i have this receipe? i think you should post it here on the comments, so that everybody can know! thanks!

  4. elda, you will cook Birna when you meet her?::))))

  5. hahaah sandra, u mean i'll cook for her or just cook her in person?


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