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03 June 2010

home project 1

i had the nerve to actually get started on my home projects. our entry was in a desperate need of a redecoration as it's the darkest room of the house and looked more like a warehouse lately rather than the welcoming area it was supposed to be. 

it wasn't difficult because i didn't have to buy new pieces of furniture, i only had to go creative and adjust by which i had, trying to give this room a more practical, colorful and neater look. so i looked on the net for a few ideas and found this inspirational site, which helped me rearrange this small but important openspace of mine. 

these images were perfect for what i had in mind. 

once i made up my mind and figured out what products i could reuse and change, the solution i found finally makes of this space the cosy entrance it deserves. judge yourself:

so now the final look of our house entry is more like this:

what do you think? isn't it a lovely area? it must be hey, because when i went downstairs to pick up the carpet i forgot the keys and i remained outside! no keys, no money, no mobile. nothing at all. go figure how much i was concentrated, huh? fortunately the lady next door made me call al from her telephone, so he could come and rescue me in minutes. what a day! and who knows what's going to happen during my next projects, hey! LOL


  1. Elda,

    Love what you did with your entry! Great job!! I have been faithfully reading your blog and think it's fabulous that you are sharing your thoughts, pictures, etc. on it. Keep it up my friend!! :) Hugs and kisses to dear Alice! Love, Albertha

  2. It looks ...happy now! And don't forget to put your house keys around your neck with your next projects:)) Or give a key to your neighbor :))


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