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01 June 2010


i'm still working on my moroccan travelogue. it must be special, because i want to submit it (in the italian version of course) to the corriere travels section. i could win a reflex camera, so i believe it's definitely worth my efforts. 

i'm also busy with alice's last weeks in pre-school. lots of reharsals to take her to, peers birthdays to attend and her swimming classes have not even started yet. 

then i'm changing wardrobes, though summer days still seem that far. weather has been pretty unstable here. and i got suddenly involved in lots of redecorating projects inside my home. i better make the most of this inspirational moment, 'cause it's take it or leave it with me. 

i'm also preparing great photoalbums, dealing with lots of editing all the time.

here's what i'm up to at the moment. it's not all about detoxing, u see?

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