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27 May 2010

concrete plans

i'm done, i started my detoxing program without even realizing it and i'm losing the first pounds. the secret is not thinking about it too much, not putting too much emphasis. i started on an anonimous day, on tuesday, and i'm okay with it. i made the most of my stomach bug from morocco and i keep going. 

i have no specific goals, i'm just eating more fruits and vegetables, forcing myself to have salads (which i hate), replacing drinks with water, drinking one cup of green tea a day and never missing any breakfast. i try to chose brown bread and pasta when i allow myself them, keeping my fibers level high, and i walk more. that's it, simple as that. i hope it lasts! hehehe

i'm one of those blessed people who never had a weight problem. i feel okay, i'm curver and i embraced this new shape but now i'm older and my body starts changing. my metabolism is slowing down , still, my habits stay the same. no no, time to overeat before it's too late! 


  1. I'm happy to see there is at least one other woman on earth who doesn't like salads ;-)
    I try to eat them too, but I find them "boring", and I hate "cold" food...the only way I like salad is when there actually so many other ingredients inside that I'm not sure it still "counts" as a salad !
    And fruit, well...I have to force myself most of the times, except for the fresh orange juice every morning. Vegetables are ok however, and I do eat lots of them.
    The rest are things I already do (drinking water, green tea, eating only brown bread or pasta or anything that can be "brown")...but I'm not very successful, for other reasons (including lack of sports, which I hate too)...Good luck !

  2. gracias oli!

    it's true, helene, i truly hate salads, but apparently they're the only food that cleans while dieting! i don't even like them when the're filled with other ingredients. am i a lost soul? LOL

    i hope i can manage. so far so good, i resist smells too, which was the most difficult part of me. and i drink water when i feel hungry. yuck, what a life! :(

    i'm not sporty neither. gosh, yeah, life sucks! ehehehhe

  3. Eating healthy/ier is a good investment on life! It will pay back... not just with weight loss! Keep fighting:))


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