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10 May 2010

hidden treasures

what do you do on a boring birthday party, when the sun shines, kids have fun but for you the parent there's nothing much to do? explore! armed with a camera, of course.

santa barbara is a little fraction of muggia, located up on the hills with the border with slovenia. there're no shops and there used to be a school (where the birthday party was thrown, today the building is the local mushroom association headquarter), so the area is very rural and it still preserves ancient beauties. 

the public lavatory
part of the roman walls
the little precious church, very well preserved.

walking around the village was interesting. these are hidden places you get to know only if guided or invited and, when it happens, i like to capture the moment and share it. it's the reason i blog about in the first place. life is also made by these little joys for me. i always try to enjoy the details and, by living in new and different places each time, it isn't that difficult.

if i look back, my life so far is like a photobook collection. i lived in so many places and i keep vivid memories of all the things i saw and people i met. i hope to keep living with integrity so that i have no regrets. i like to think that i loved well, that i walked my road by my own compass and that my life was a gift to others in some way. hallelujah!


  1. Amen to that! Your friendship was an unexpected gift and it is special because of you. It's not that common to meet such a good friend when you are a bit older..but then again it depends on the people you meet as well. Stay on your path, it's the right one.

  2. thanks sweetie. you're special too, and i'm glad we established such a special bond from the very beginning. the minute i saw you there at the cafe in koper, i knew you were the one! :)


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