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08 May 2010

future plans

i'm getting crazy, writing too many things at a time and not having enough moments to concentrate carefully on anything. among the posts i'll publish in the prompt future there are articles about:

- my perspective on motherhood

- severgnini, my favorite columnist

- why i miss abruzzo so much

- anthology of a moving part 2

- my personal music taste evolution

- palmistry visibility

will i succeed or not, stay tuned for more blogging of mine okay?


  1. I was wondering if you forgot you had a blog to update:) Now... trailers for the posts? Hmmm, I suggest you choose one thing at a time and finish it because I can't wait much longer!!:))

  2. ahaah okay, but, wait a moment, madam, weren't you supposed to relax out there? :)

  3. I am relaxing.... your posts help me relax... you know what I am trying now? Focusing at one thing at a time...not an easy thing to do... my mind wants to multitask! And I just say no:)

  4. wow, so i'm on a mission! i'm glad my posts help you in some ways, darling. now relax and just read, since i posted something new and much more will come before i'm off to morocco next sunday. yeah!


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