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01 April 2010

thanking the readers

damn, i shouldn't have accepted david's caffelatte yesterday at sandra's, because it dind't make me sleep and made me go to bed at 4am last night! i've nothing against david of course, he actually prepares the best latte ever, but it was 6pm when i drank it, and i'm only used to tea. my body metabolizes caffeine very slowly, so when i have it it really is a psychoactive stimulant drug for me.

this morning i feel like a zombie, unable to compete with a 5 years old. neverthless, it seems like my spirit is lifting up. i'm slowly distancing from the weird static phase made of boredom that included homesickness and discomfort. writing is my therapy. if i don't let my emotions out, i'll explode. i didn't try to suppress my crappy feelings on here, my blog is transparent because i'm real, i don't act like everything is sunshine and roses all the time. life is messy, parenthood has ups and downs, marriages can be rocky. nothing is easy. and i'll keep this blog running against all odds.

i want to take a minute and thank those of you who've been my readers so far. i'm honoured about the time that you spent here with me. i love this blog and i'll continue investing my time and energy in it. thanks also to all the new people who catches my journal and come back for a visit once in a while.  i hope you all find the sense of community or inspiration or even relation you were looking for!

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  1. I am sorry the latte kept you up, but I am glad to see your new post:)


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