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01 April 2010

artist's zeal

i'm getting through my day, after all. alice keeps me going. i just finished to 'play public' with her, one of the games she likes more. while she tries new coreographies on michael jackson's songs, i've to to pretend to be the public of a famous ballet dancer called fergie, whose real name is elizabeth and whose skills are surprisingly excellent for everyone. most of the time she suggests me what to say to the spectator sitting next to me. i do my best to clap and use lots of 'ohhhhh' or 'wow, look at that!' in my most serious tone. kids' immagination has no limits!

i gave her something to do now, organizing her drawings. after all the pondering, i decided to use transparent files to contain them all. practical, cheaper and quicker, in a book style. one day i can always make a photobook of her masterpieces, but so far the idea of scanning or taking pics of each single drawing freaked me out. they are too much and growing, honestly.

here are some of alice's recent drawings, very unique and precious. they're getting more elaborate and imaginative through the months.  this is me and her. it doesn't matter if i have blonde hair, what count is the baby's hair fragment, an important technical detail, as she had to continue drawing the purple dress. i think she kept the body harmonic.   

this other drawing below is funny because she drew stars instead of faces. but she was illustring concepts of a tale, and in tales everything is possible. very good use of fantasy here.

here we have a a witch wit a shining diamond in her hands, something that causes admiration of the queen and the princess behind her. obviously, the witch is the main character and drawn bigger. nice sense of proportion, yes.

very good done, miss alice! too bad you got easily bored and tired by the time i posted your pictures here, so i had to finish your task at your place and now my back aches. in the meanwhile you asked 1235 other things and now you're begging me to play barbies with you. okay darling, here we go. but please no more audience game. it's only 4pm and we still have a long way to go before bedtime! :)

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